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How Do I Sell My House In Los Angeles Fast For Cash?

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Selling Your House Doesn’t Have To Be A Stressful And Daunting Process!

Hi there, I am Lenin, and I am one of the acquisition managers here at “LA Cash Offer”. I will be your guide, walking you through the entire process getting your no-obligation, all-cash offer started. Don’t worry, it is all free without any cost involved and without any commitment on your part to accept any offer we make you. If you rather talk to a live person feel free to call me on my direct line (213) 318-4339.

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Told You It Was Easy As

First things first, to sell your home fast for cash in Southern California, we encourage you to educate yourself before deciding what your best options are based on your situation. 

“LA Cash Offer” stays in business by getting offers accepted, and the only way to do that is to give offers folks like you would be happy with! We genuinely do our best to give you the highest possible offer we can give. 🙂

Our Offers Are Based On Your Home’s “After Repair Market Value”!

This simply means, we look at similar if not identical home’s that have SOLD in your neighborhood, and have been completely fixed up. Based on this value we run our numbers backward and we are able to formulate your offer with full transparency!

How Exactly?

Lets, imagine you have a house that you want to sell…

Now, also imagine your neighbor, has the exact same, identical house as yours, except for some upgrades he made… say, he added new windows, granite counter tops, remodeled the bath and kitchen, applied a fresh coat of paint, put a new roof on, upgraded the electrical & plumbing and put hardwood floors in. You get the point…

Now Imagine he sold his house for $800K.

What Do We Know Now?

Well, we know, that If we make the same upgrades to your house (AFTER we buy it from you), bringing the house to a very similar condition as your neighbor’s house, we would also be able to sell it for around $800K. Make’s sense?

So now that we know this,

We know the Market value of your house if we fixed it up (in this case $800K), and we know the cost of repairs/upgrades. We can now make an offer that works for us. If this offer also works for you, great we open escrow, help you through the paper work and close on your time frame! As you can see, we make offers based on current market prices! 

So, just to make sure you understand… The market value of the house (after we fix it up), minus ALL our costs fixing it up (including our profit), will be the offer. How simple is THAT! Congrats, now you are an expert at this!

“We Buy Houses” companies will often try to Low Ball you with their offer and quite honestly doesn’t make any sense to anyone. We actually take the time and make the effort of analyzing your property so we can get you the most cash for your home. All these services are 100% FREE to you! No one in their right mind will accept a low offer and we get it so by doing the same as everyone else, we would have spent so much time, money and effort for nothing.

Selling your house yourself is doable. It takes a lot of work and research but it is absolutely doable.

  • First you need a solid understanding of your market.
  • Find out how much the house is worth as is. Do not just think your house is worth a lot because you like it! Sellers often think their house is a lot more worth because “it is prettier than my neighbors”.
  • Pay for a flat fee to list the property on the MLS.
  • Learn how to effectively market the property.
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively
  • Hold open houses and learn how to handle the tough questions asked during the open house.
  • Make sure you know all your laws in your area pertaining to real estate transactions!

Yes, there will be costs associated if you sell your house yourself. Attorney fees, closing costs, holding costs, title insurance, escrow costs, taxes, repair costs, etc… However since you’re selling yourself there will not be any agent fees. The other costs however still are significant.

We understand that selling your house can be a stressful and time consuming task, especially when you need it sold quickly. By selling your house for cash, you can avoid a lot of the headaches that come with listing your house on the market. You avoid long term contracts, picky buyers scrutinizing your property, inspections which lead to unforeseen issues, loan conditions, appraisals & approvals, request for repairs and credits, and the list goes on and on, thus speeding things up and guaranteeing your house will be sold.

“LA Cash Offer” buys houses in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego County. We are House Cash Buyers In CA. We eliminate all the encumbrances that come with the traditional way of selling your house. We do not rely on bank approvals; we have our own cash. We buy as is and can close quickly. We have no intention to list your house, so there are no agent fees or commissions. We are ready to buy your house right now and can close immediately! It all starts by filling in our form.

We at “LA Cash Offer” value honesty, integrity and transparency. Therefore, we will hold your hand during every step of the process. We start by explaining exactly how it works, what to expect and what timeframe we are working with. If you need to sell your house in Los Angeles California fast, we truly believe we are a great option! Remember, no repairs, no agent fees or commissions and we buy in any condition! Even if you are facing foreclosure we can help stop it. Don’t wait, give us a call!